About Us


We stand out for our long-standing presence in the market, with over 10 years of experience offering quality products and innovative solutions. We are a prominent cable manufacturing company with a global presence through our factories located in China, Italy, and Spain.


we excel in quality and excellence in each of our products. Our unwavering commitment to manufacturing high-quality cables is reflected in every aspect of our operation. From the selection of raw materials to the production process and rigorous testing, every cable manufactured at TD Wire meets the highest standards.

Manufacturing Stages

Cable manufacturing at TD Wire is carried out with a rigorous focus on quality and precision at every stage of the process.

Design and Development

Various factors are reviewed in the design and development stage, such as required technical specifications, application type, quality and safety standards, among others.

Raw Materials

We carefully select the necessary raw materials for cable manufacturing, such as conductors, insulators, coatings, and reinforcing elements.


In this stage, conductors and insulators are manufactured through the extrusion process.

Assembly and Braiding

In this phase, individual conductors are grouped and braided according to the cable design.

Outer Coating

An outer coating is applied to the cables to provide additional protection against wear, moisture, chemicals, or other environmental factors.

Testing and Quality Control

Before cables are packaged and ready for distribution, they undergo rigorous testing and quality control.


Introduction to the market in terms of figures

According to the TeleGeography Submarine Cable Map, submarine cables act as the main backbone of the Internet. There are around 350 submarine cables spanning approximately 1.2 million kilometers and connecting nearly 100 countries. According to SubmarineNetworks.com, the submarine cable industry is rapidly transforming, with data compiled by Telegeography indicating $8 billion in investments lined up for 2019-21.

Over a million kilometers run through the depths of the sea. Some of them are relatively short, such as the one connecting Ireland to the United Kingdom (131 kilometers in length), while others are incredibly long, like the 20,000-kilometer cable linking Asia to North America. The deepest one is found in Japan and runs at a depth of 8,000 meters.

According to the World Nuclear Association, annual electricity demand is projected to increase to 5,000 TWh in the United States by 2030, as the country’s nuclear reactors generated 807 billion kWh in 2018. Therefore, the government has also announced plans to build two reactors by the end of 2021.

Projections are that there will be 6 billion Internet users by the end of 2022 (75% of the projected world population) – and more than 7.5 billion Internet users by 2030 (90% of the projected world population).

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