Welcome to TDWIRE, your reliable destination for quality cable solutions! We take pride in offering a wide range of products and services in the world of cables, as well as exciting career opportunities for passionate and talented professionals. If you’re passionate about the cable industry and ready to join a dynamic team, this is where your journey begins.

At TDWIRE, we value our team and believe in their professional development and growth. We provide a stimulating and collaborative work environment where you can apply your skills, knowledge, and constantly push your limits.


Juanita López

Product Development Engineer

“Working at TD WIRE has been a rewarding experience. Here, I’ve had the opportunity to develop my technical skills and participate in cutting-edge projects in the cable field. The work environment is stimulating and collaborative, allowing me to grow professionally and constantly push my limits.”

Alejandro Torres

Sales Manager

“I have found a dynamic and challenging work environment at TD WIRE. As a sales manager, I have the opportunity to interact with clients from around the world and offer them quality cable solutions. The company values customer service and strives to exceed their expectations. Additionally, the TD WIRE team is highly professional and committed, which motivates me to give my best every day.”

María Fernández

Logistics Specialist

“Working at TD WIRE as a logistics specialist has been an enriching experience. The company benefits from a strategic location that facilitates the import of raw materials and the export of finished products. This has given me the opportunity to participate in complex logistics processes and efficiently coordinate the distribution of our solutions to international markets. Furthermore, the work environment is collaborative, and the TD WIRE team cares about my professional growth.”