Oil and Gas Industry

We provide resistant and safe cables for the oil and gas industry, ensuring reliable and durable energy transmission in high-temperature, high-pressure, and corrosive environments

Mining Industry

We offer robust and durable cable solutions for the mining industry, enabling safe and reliable transmission of energy and data in demanding and harsh mining environments.

Electric industy

We offer a reliable and secure system for the transmission of electrical energy and equipment connection. This wiring is designed to withstand high currents and voltages, ensuring low electrical resistance and minimal energy los.

Construction Industry

We provide resistant and durable cables for various applications within the construction sector, from residential buildings to infrastructure projects, ensuring a reliable and efficient electrical connection.

Telecommunications Industry

We offer advanced communication cable solutions that enable fast and secure data transmission in the telecommunications industry, ensuring stable and high-quality connectivity in networks and communication systems.


We collaborate in the cement industry by providing a reliable and secure electrical supply for the equipment and machinery used in the cement production process, as this sector faces a series of high-temperature conditions, vibrations, and exposure to abrasive material.

Port Industry:

We provide specialized electrical cable solutions to ensure safe and efficient operations in port environments. Our cables are designed to withstand environmental conditions and the rigors of port settings, providing reliable power transmission for cargo handling equipment, lighting and security systems, and communication systems.

Wastewater Industry

At TD WIRE, we understand the importance of an efficient and reliable wastewater system. Therefore, we provide moisture-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and chemical-resistant electrical cables for wastewater treatment environments. Our cable solutions ensure safe energy transmission and optimal performance of pumping, ventilation, and control systems, contributing to efficient and sustainable water management.

Chemical Industry

We offer cables designed to withstand adverse chemical environments, ensuring reliable energy transmission for processing equipment, control and monitoring systems, and ensuring the integrity of the electrical infrastructure in demanding chemical environments.

Metallurgical Industry

At TD WIRE, we understand the challenges of the metallurgical industry and provide robust and durable electrical cable solutions. Our cables are designed to withstand high temperatures, corrosive environments, and extreme conditions present in metal casting, rolling, and transformation processes. We guarantee safe and efficient energy transmission for critical equipment, contributing to operational efficiency and safety in the metallurgical industry.

Renewable energy

We provide a secure and efficient connection between renewable energy generators and the power grid. The wiring is required to meet specific standards of quality and resistance to withstand variable environmental conditions, such as exposure to the elements, high currents and voltages, humidity, and temperatura changes.